A.D. Dolphin and Steve Harvey / Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show, home of the Full Body Cleanse and the premier online resource for herbal supplements, announces that Pastor Hosea Collins, a participant in 5 Full-Body Cleanses, lost 130lbs!
Pastor Hosea Collins, along with Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin, will appear on the "Steve Harvey" talk show on Monday, June 6, 2016, to discuss his journey to lose weight over the past 7 months. Collins went from 352lbs to 222lbs for a total loss of 130lbs, solely by watching what he ate, adhering to the Cleanse regimens, and continually exercising. The inspiration behind such a dramatic lifestyle change: his wife's life or death need for a kidney. The pastor is devoted to assisting others, helping them find self-fulfillment, or to helping them unlock a God-given purpose. His belief is that every person can use this purpose to make a difference, and that's exactly what he did. 
When Collins found out that his wife needed a kidney, he immediately volunteered one of his own. Because of his weight, he was deemed an ineligible candidate to help save his wife's life. So began his life transformation and mission to lose weight with the aid of Dherbs propelling him towards a healthier lifestyle. At his new weight of 222lbs, Collins was recently admitted into a kidney swap program. Whether or not he is a match for his wife, he will still donate a kidney and the program will find her a replacement. He has fully turned his life around and plans to continue his weight loss quest to reclaim his high school weight of 200lbs.
Tune in to "Steve Harvey" on June 6, 2016, to hear Pastor Hosea Collins' story as he appears as a guest, along with his wife, Terrekia Collins. "Steve Harvey" airs weekdays. Check local listings or go to for time and channel.


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