Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat are the ‘2016 EPMD’ on ‘Big Brother x Lil Sister’

Jermaine Dupri Da Brat Big Brother Lil Sister Song
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Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat show brotherly and sisterly love on their latest collaborative banger, “Big Brother x Lil Sister.” J.D and Brat have been a dynamic duo for many years and recently they have been hard at work in the studio crafting a new project together.

Produced by Jahlil Beats, the song boasts a soul sample and a crisp drum beat. On the track, the rap tandem celebrates their unbreakable familial bond. Throughout the song, they compare themselves to some of the legendary duos in music, including Ashford & Simpson and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

“One thing’s for certain,” spits Dupri, “you see her, you see me,” with Brat adding, “We in this bitch like the 2016 EPMD.”

Later, the So So Def honcho raps, “Now what this is is that Snoop and Dre / Mixed with U-G-K / When the two of us get together there’s no more playin’ in G-A,” with Da Brat adding, “We got that Game and 50 / We got that Ashford & Simpson, n—- / We are solid as a rock and ain’t no n—- f—in with us.”

“Big Brother x Lil Sister” follows their previously-released bangers “Alessandro Michele,” “I Prayed for This” and “F U Pay Me” featuring The-Dream. Dupri and the Da Brat are still working on their Business as Usual mixtape, which has no release date yet.

One thing’s for sure JD and Brat are releasing some serious Head Bangers. So What Cha Sayin’?