Wu-Tang Clan Founder RZA Gives Back For The Holidays Through Contemporary Menswear Line, 36 Chambers


Wu-Tang Clan's founder RZA and creative Mustafa Shaikh are pleased to announce the 36 Chambers menswear limited-edition launch of the Quilted Denim Motorcycle Jacket. There are a total of 36 jackets made: 24 in black and 12 in white. 100% of the profits of the all white jacket will go to The Children’s Literacy Society. 36 Chambers, is a contemporary menswear line that fuses elements of hip-hop, Chinese culture and high fashion to carve its own niche within menswear. Find the jacket here for purchase @ www.36chambers.com. The jacket retails for $300.00.
RZA says of the philanthropy aspect of 36 Chambers, "When starting this line it was very important for us to build a charitable aspect into our company starting with the first season. With it being the holiday season we hope to encourage others to get involved by giving to a great cause, while at the same time purchasing a great jacket to wear.”
RZA chose The Children’s Literacy Society as the first charity to give back to because as a father, and through his sister’s work, he sees the importance of educating and caring for children who are less fortunate. The Children’s Literacy Society, founded by RZA’s sister Sophia Diggs, provides funds and resources for afterschool programs in public schools - programs includes reading, writing, music and nutrition. The program creates initiatives that advocate for children’s issues and community-based organizations that assist children in need.
“When my sister left my company to work for New York Human Resources, she came across so many adults with low level literacy skills. These people occupy our homeless shelters, prisons and are in the lowest income bracket. Children's Literacy Society aims to bring awareness to this problem as well as offer some solutions by engaging children at a young age to discover the beauty and importance of reading and writing,” RZA explains.
“36 Chambers is inspired by the Wu philosophy: kung fu, mathematics, and Eastern philosophy and art," said RZA. "Using that as a foundation, we've blended together the rugged feel of streetwear with the quality craftsmanship of high fashion to create apparel with a classic look."
Renowned Chinese calligrapher, Mak Ming Chan, penned a poem for the collection, which details the story of the Golden Dragon. Written in Chinese calligraphy, the poem is featured on the back of the jacket. The jacket also has impressive embroidery of the 36 Chambers logo placed on the sleeves of the jacket.
“We put a lot of attention into the execution of every piece of the line to ensure that each limited piece told a story,” said Mustafa Shaikh. “Everything from the embroidery work to the liner to even the hang tag, were meticulously crafted in order to tell a cohesive narrative.”
Items from the collection include limited edition varsity jackets, suit jackets, shirts, bags, and accessories. A women’s varsity jacket will also soon be made available for purchase.
The full collection is available for purchase through 36chambers.com.
The following 36 Chambers retail pop-up events are happening in December: December 17th in NYC @ Extra Butter (125 Orchard St.) and in San Francisco @ True (1415 Haight St.)