DJ Young Music and Streetz Stop The Violence Foundation presents “The Streetz Blunt Truth Tour,” a multi-state effort to spread peace, love and understanding through music, while seeking to combat youth violence and crime in our communities.

With the rash of violence rampant among our youth today, in schools, throughout our neighborhoods, and social media platforms, I wanted to bring your attention to an initiative, launched by radio host, 20-year old DJ Young Music. Young Music, a 2015 high school honor graduate, who is also the youngest DJ to have a syndicated radio mixshow that reaches over 30 million listeners weekly, will kick off his “Streetz Blunt Truth Tour” under his non-profit organization, Streetz Stop The Violence Foundation, to partner with schools to end crime and street violence among youth. 

“Now more than ever, we have to talk to our young generation about the dangers of reacting violently, and provide them with alternatives,” says DJ Young Music. “When you see so much hostility in the streets and you have a platform like I do to reach so many of our youth, it’s time to make a difference,” he says with commitment.

Young established the youth-centered organization starting in part as a response to the murder of his friend and up-and-coming DC rapper Douglas “Swipey” Brooks. Young Music recognizes the vital role a dialogue amongst high school and college students could change life altering decisions.

The “Streetz Blunt Truth Tour” is one of DJ Young Music’s first outreach initiatives. The purpose of this event is to partner with high school and colleges from city-to-city, in order to empower students and discuss the best practices for youth violence prevention. The one-hour-and-thirty minute event will consist of a video presentation, dialogue and live entertainment featuring local and national artists working exclusively with DJ Young Music.

“My awareness of everyday challenges could help make a positive change. It’s part of a movement for me to work to make a difference in our community. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, so of course my first stop is in my own backyard, – the DMV.”
In addition to launching the “Streetz Blunt Truth Tour” in his hometown, other events will take place at schools in cities including Atlanta and Savannah, GA; Wilmington,  Greensboro and Charlotte, NC; New York City; Florence and Charleston, SC; and Philadelphia, PA, with additional tour dates to be added.
As we know, crime and violence in today's schools and neighborhoods where the students live, is too often the headline in the national news.  DJ Young Music and Streetz Stop The Violence Foundation will be the buffer and meet the youth where they are, collaborating with schools to reach and encourage the young people by telling his story and providing the platform to give students the tools to set their dreams forward.

We would LOVE  you to support this movement and help bring awareness to DJYM's campaign and video on the Streetz Tour, so that we reach our young generation and let them know that there is a future beyond street violence.