What He Wants for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

Written by: Melissa A. Stewart

Wikipedia says that Valentine’s Day is a day, “On which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards, or gifting candy. It is very common to present flowers on Valentine's Day.” But on this day the recipients of these gifts are largely and most commonly women. So we take notice of all the heart shaped candy, balloons, jewelry advertisements and flower bouquets that can be delivered by calling a simple 800-number and see that it’s mostly men footing the bill on this holiday.

I canvassed the ‘holiday’ aisle at a local grocery store and no one is there but a few mothers who are buying bulk Valentine’s Day cards for a child’s class list that must be purchased and labeled with each classmate’s name. Also in the buggy is a box of cake mix, icing and sprinkles which are tell tale signs of a class party in recognition of the day.

Of course no man will dot that aisle until the day before. Simply because it isn’t until the day before that he realizes that he had better have a card to accompany the flowers and chocolates. Most men have admitted to waiting until the last possible minute to buy gifts and other holiday fare because they feel conflicted about the day and why it all falls on them.

Don, an engineer says, “I think February 14th is as important as October 1st; nothing’s important about either day. But my wife will differ on that. So because I don’t want to be in the dog house, I have to get all dressed up and wear shoes that I haven’t worn since my wedding and take her out. I have to spend money on something that I saw in a newspaper ad that was conveniently circled and taped to the windshield of my car when got ready to go to work the day before. And just like last year and the year before she’ll run and compare notes with her sisters, mother and girlfriends about what the men did and who got what, who went where and did what. But it makes her happy so why rock the boat?”

On average, most men don’t even recognize that it’s Valentines Day. If you’re not in a relationship, the day could come and go without one being the wiser. Just like Columbus Day, President’s Day and Grandparent’s Day (yes there is one), no one stops to take pause of this day for lovers, but lovers.

So, how does a man benefit from Valentine’s Day? I don’t mean the unspoken rule that all men who participate willingly will be pitied and given the much sought after ‘affection’ from their mate. I mean, how can a man capitalize just as much as the women?

Larry, an office manager says, “Call her up a week before and tell her just how excited you are about it and you can’t wait to see what she gets you! Then she’s feeling all weird because it’s supposed to be about her. Now she realizes this day is not just for her anymore and she’s got to share the spotlight. Drop hints about that universal remote, the GPS thingy at Best Buy and that maid outfit I saw in the party store that was just her size. Now she’s got to spend and plan as much as I do.”

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we approached a group of men and asked, “Men, I know you don't care about Valentines Day, but if you did, what would be an ideal GUY gift for you? These were some ideas:

Walker, who clearly represents the minority says, “If you want to do something special and unpredictable, FLOWERS!”

Kwasi in Atlanta likes the finer things. “I suggest a bracelet, neck chain or cufflinks. A watch is nice.

Ladies, here is a list of gift ideas for your man:

GPS for the ride
Universal remote
Beer cooler
Auto detail gift certificate
Video Games
Sex Coupons
Workout gear
Potato Chip Clips
Sports Tickets/Memorabilia
Comedy Show Tickets
Movie Tickets for Action Flick
New Underwear
Mp3 Player
Maid Service for 1 free cleaning
Wallet (w/your photo inside)
His dream car (in toy model size)
Homemade biscuits (from his mom)
Super Man Underwear
Digital Photo Frame w/your photos

Some of you may not have the romantic husband or boyfriends that we see on those sappy movies. So here are some things you can do if he refuses to profess his love and adoration for you under moonlight:

Take him to a strip club
Turn your bedroom into a private ‘Gentleman’s Club’
Take him to a women’s mud wrestling match
Give him a massage
Make a mixed CD with his favorite songs and go for a long drive
Rent a limo and go bar hopping
Cook his favorite dinner
Go camping and get away from the city
Pack a ‘manly’ snack basket and deliver it to his job
Get a couples’ massage
Have a couples-only party where the ladies host

I hope your day is an eventful one. If you’re single, maybe next year will be your turn. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Disha said…
i think we women deserve more attention on these days as our lovers loves us so much that they are busy earning money and tend to forget us...