Mannie Fresh: Not On Sale

We haven’t heard from the golden child of producing in a while. So where has Mannie Fresh been hiding? He showed up at the 4th Annual Charles Grant Charity Fundraising party in Atlanta. Walking the red carpet and donning a shirt and tie was an unusual look for the 504 boy, but he assured us his attire would change when he was ready to pilot the turntables.

Vowing not to participate in the great oppressive depression, Mannie is waiting out the record labels that are looking to negotiate his rates. In a very adamant tone, Mannie says, “I want Mannie Fresh prices. Record companies are screaming that they don’t have that kind of money to pay, so I’ll sit out and wait til it comes back to that. I’ve been waiting for the depression to be over so people can give me what I want.”

Showing up as the celebrity DJ, Mannie has been DJ’ing more than anything lately. But if you think he’s taking a hiatus from the sound board, think again. You should check i-tunes from time to time to see what he’s putting out independently. Of course people are still checking for Mannie to come through with a sure thing.

“I get a lot of offers. But the labels are taking advantage by saying there is no money because of the economy. I will not get played on that level. The music industry is not suffering! If I check my emails, I get shit everyday that say we want you to do it, but when you call back they want you to do it for half of what you done it in the past. And I say nah, I can’t do it because Mannie Fresh is not on sale! If you do it for one then other people will be looking at you saying well you did it for them! Can you do it for me at that price?

We’re all hoping the depression comes to an end soon. And for Mannie Fresh fans, let’s hope the industry rebounds as well.