Have Some Me Time to....Relax...Rejuvenate...Refresh

I recently went to the ultimate pamper party for women. Hosted by Kandi Burrus of Real Housewives of Atlanta,I came across a group of ladies offering samplings of body pampering products.

In all honesty, I was attracted to the table because they highlighted a tower of cupcakes and my sweet tooth led me there. To my disappointment and enlightenment, they weren't really cupcakes. Sorry sweet tooth. These were Danae's Creations and the cupcakes were exploding bubble baths masked as cupcakes; a combination of a bath bomb fizz along with a rich topping of a whipped soap bubble frosting so that you can enjoy the benefits of a luxurious, moisturizing and therapeutic bath. They're called Cupcake Bath Bombs and they come in Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and Milk Chocolate treats. Yum!

If that wasn't enough to wet your appetite, Danae's Creations also offers an insane line of body oils that will leave the senses with cravings you didn't know you had. I tried the Vanilla Almond that set off every alarm in my body. I have plans for this bottle and you will too (not my bottle; your own bottle).

With a menu of other all natural products, Danae's Creations is a must have in every boudoir. I recommend it for both men and women. Go to Danae's Creations online at www.danaescreations.com.