Gift Success Under Tree This Holiday Season

Zack 16Leading Atlanta dentist and founder of Heavenly Dental Associates, Inc., Dr. Heavenly Kimes is an author, inspirational speaker and business powerhouse.
For over 12 years, Dr. Heavenly has been making her mark on the dental industry and the business world with her straight-talk style, strategic expertise and proven credentials. Not only is Dr. Heavenly a board certified Dentist, but she also owns four dental practices in Metro Atlanta (she's owned as many as seven at one time!) and has sold two profitable clinics. She graduated at the top of her class with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Meharry Medical College and earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Military Science fromFlorida A&M University. 
Now, the Miami native and co-author of the best-selling series Wake Up...Live the Life You Love, is sharing the keys to her success in her informative new book Dr. Heavenly's Business Prescriptions (available at now), a motivating advice guide that breaks down complex business concepts to their simplest forms and offers personal insight and strategies for building a successful business. In this new release, readers will not only gain business tips, but learn remedies to heal personal doubt and frustration, maintain work-life balance, and develop the confidence to pursue one's personal goals.
To learn more about Dr. Heavenly and to purchase her new book, visit or or follow her at
Click the image below to view a promo video for Dr. Heavenly's Business Prescriptions.


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