Stacey Dash, 'Clueless' star, Now a Paid Fox News contributor

Fox News Channel has gone Hollywood for its latest hire. The news network is bringing on actress Stacey Dash as a paid contributor.

Dash landed on the political radar for endorsing Republican Mitt Romney over Democrat Barack Obama in the last presidential election. She was heavily criticized in the black community for supporting the white candidate.The backlash was immediate with celebs like Talib Kweli to Samuel L. Jackson tweeting their reactions.   ‘Wait, did Stacey Dash Really endorse Romney today?! REALLY????! Is she CRA………..??!’, tweeted Samuel L. Jackson who starred in an ad campaign for President Obama.

Dash later responded to the overwhelming shade, by tweeting, "
I just feel that as a country, this is my choice. It is my right as an American citizen. It’s my constitutional right to have my choice of who I want to vote for for President and I chose him, not by the color of his skin but the content of his character."

Fox and the other cable news networks have been slumping in the ratings with a relatively slow news stretch this year. Maybe adding Stacey Dash will add some eye candy and increase viewership. Maybe FOX will continue to be in a slump for purporting more garbage opinions. (My blog; my opinion)
Fox's list of contributors includes Karl RoveJames CarvilleGeorge WillDennis Miller and Sarah Palin.