Tameka Raymond Launches GoFundMe in Honor of Son, Kile Glover (Kamp Kile's World 2015)

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Tameka Raymond, the former wife of Usher Raymond IV would be prepping to celebrate the 14th birthday of her son Kile. His tragic death in July of 2012 will be long remembered as a tragic day.

"We started this page in hopes of your support for the Kile's World Foundation, a 501c3. Since 2013, running this foundation has provided me comfort and much joy! In addition to several great events, we have had two very successful summer camps in 2013 and 2014. This year we are looking to make this camp even bigger, but we need your support. While the Foundation has been operating sufficiently, it has been functioning with minimal funding. I have donated my personal finances and time, but I need your help. My goal is to offer this summer camp to 50-75 children at no charge. I understand not all parents are financially able to send their children to camp, and I would like to remedy that problem. With your donation we know we can provide more children the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the Arts. I would love "Kamp Kile's World" to be a fun, enlightening, and educational experience for every child. Any amount will help! Let's come together as a community and invest in our children's creativity!" - Tameka J. Raymond