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“Who is loved and who is, well…‘hated?’” It’s time to find out on Nobody Loves You!”  Bursting onto Horizon’s stage this March is Off-Broadway’s smash-hit, Nobody Loves You.  Take a behind-the-scenes ride on the set of the reality TV dating show Nobody Loves You in this hilarious, smart and romantic musical about the sometimes intimate and always gut-wrenching quest for love while millions of viewers watch.  Boardwalk Empire’s Itamar Moses and long-time collaborator Gaby Alter, create a tunefully inspired story that mashes together The Bachelorette and Survivor, and puts love to the test.  Join us on a journey of romance, authenticity, and primetime TV ratings in an Atlanta debut (in a newly revised version with the writers in residence) on the intimate Horizon Theatre stage in Little Five Points (Euclid and Austin Avenues), running from March 17 through April 30.  

Nobody Loves You, the TV show-within-the-show, follows attractive singles pairing up in weekly installments only to get booted off if—well, if nobody loves you!   When Jeff, a philosophy grad student unexpectedly snags a spot on the show, he finds himself on a mission to expose its “authenticity”.  That is until he unexpectedly makes on on-set love connection with Jenny, a prickly producer.   Along the way, we hit all the high points – tearful confessionals, the steamy Hot Tub Room, the Crush Ceremony, and explosive truths in the Minefield Tango.   “The show is a smart, contemporary comedy that looks at a timeless theme - how you find real connection in a world of forced personalities,” explained writers Moses and Alter. “Audiences who have never seen a reality TV show have still loved and connected with the musical.”  If you have ever been looking for love, or looking to laugh at strangers looking for love in the world of reality television, join in the fun at Horizon Theatre.  

The play contains strong language and adult content, and is not recommended for children. Tickets start at $25. Tickets and more information are available at or by calling  404.584.7450.