Tamron Hall and Fantasia Team Up for Theme Song

Tamron Hall (image courtesy of Chicago Sun Times)

We can all recognize our favorite shows by the catchy theme song. Throughout history, we've sang along to theme songs for shows like the Jefferson, Good Times, A Different World...and Power! But now former morning show anchor Tamron Hall has enlisted the powerhouse vocals of American Idol alum Fantasia to sing the theme song for her self titled talk show Tamron Hall!

The show promises to give viewers content that will stimulate both sides of your brain. In short, among other things, Tamron will be connecting with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging and entertaining conversations.

“Fantasia in a word is everything – she has been an inspiration and a friend to me for many years. Her story, her life and her presence shakes me to my core – from the first time I saw her on ‘American Idol’ to the time I saw her perform and move the crowd at The Apollo. I knew I wanted to partner with her in some way; I didn’t know then that it would be for the theme song for my daytime talk show, but I knew we were destined to do something together. She embodies what it means to be a woman – she is loving and giving to others, and she shines.”, says Tamron.

Take a listen.