Maysa: A Woman in Love

Jazz diva Maysa returns with fresh vocals and an inspiring new recording of reinvented jazz standards and originals on A Woman in Love. Historically jazz singers have always sung repertoire that transcended musical genres and A Woman in Love leaves no stone unturned with flawless vocals and a very grown up sound.

The album is a sultry concoction of smooth grooves with an aroma of cognac and a fine Cuban cigar. I highly recommend it to the restless souls to sooth the savage beast within. A Woman in Love is a mood maker.

Track for track A Woman in Love is a hit yet I paused on ‘repeat one’ to listen to ‘Love Theory’, a salacious duet with crooner Will Downing. Maysa hit the mark on this one! Another fav is the tribute she paid to ‘King of Pop’s’ Michael Jackson with her rendition of ‘Lady in My Life’. Though her vocals ever recognizable, I can close my eyes and still hear Michael sing with such fervor.

Just when you think the album has satisfied all your cravings, Maysa puts you to bed with ‘Round Midnight’. This scatt-a-liscious rendition of Thelonious Monk’s tune will raise the hairs on the back your neck with the powerful feeling of this song. You can feel every word.

There is no shortage of hits on A Woman in Love. With a heavy hitting track listing of eleven songs, pick one and it’s always a great choice.

Book of Eli

“Cursed be the ground for our sake. For out of the ground we were taken and to the dust for we shall return.” Eli, Book of Eli

The Book of Eli allowed Denzel Washington to give life to the Christian mantra that we walk by faith and not by sight. This life after the end of the world depiction shows that if there were only one bible on this earth, there is still God.

Longtime fans of the screen stealer will see Denzel in a much different light. A walking disciple seeking what God has led him to find, Eli’s travels west are a test of his faith, endurance and his patience.

Spoiler for the ladies:

Not meant to be sexy, but even watching him bathe with a moist towellette from a fried chicken joint offer some delight.