Pretty Girlz

In February 2009 Jimmy Iovine and Rodney Jerkins of Dark Child Records signed Verse Simmonds to a deal at Interscope Records. Within 6 weeks, Team Verse, along with help from Dj Trauma, Emperor Searcy, Dj Infamous, and Dj J1 put Verse's first official single "Buy You a Round" on the map in the ATL.

Verse is on the road four days of the week doing paid shows and promotional runs to create awareness and meet the fans.

"Buy You A Round" Highlights:

"Buy You A Round" debuted at #9 on BET's 106 and Park Countdown, leading Verse to a live performance when the video peaked at the #5 position on the countdown.

"Buy You A Round" was in the TOP 100 of BET's Top 100 Videos of the Year(#75)

In January 2010 Verse performed the smash single live on BET's Monique Show.

The Sextape Chronicles, the prequil to the album, has reached over 60000 downloads and 20000 copies of mixtape sold independently.

"This is for my Pretty Girlz......"

Verse recently dropped a new single called "PRETTY GIRLZ" a hot summer song that will have the ladies feeling real good about themselves.

Download "PRETTY GIRLS" HERE and let them know what you think. Log onto to for latest updates and show information.

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Seal It With Rose'

Moët & Chandon, the world's most loved champagne and the Bright + Cook Agency partnered with Garner Circle PR to introduce Moet’s Nectar Imperial Rose’ to a newer generation of young and hip tastemakers. The invitation-only, daytime soiree took place at Atlanta’s Aja restaurant with a perfect mix of celebrities and the culturally appreciative.

Atlanta was selected as the choice city for the launch of the "Seal it with Rosè" brunch concept. With its ongoing list of celebrity inhabitants and prominent blend of music, culture and culinary cuisine, Atlanta provides the perfect mix for this concept. Keith Howard, Senior Brand Manager for Moet summed up the event by saying, “The concept was wrapped around the excitement of Valentines Day…Seal It With Rose’ was formed out of the phrase seal it with a kiss but add Nectar Rose’ and the love and sexiness of the holiday.”

“Moet wants to do more to say thank you and to provide a vibe that’s new and fresh. So we chose Atlanta for its vibrant nightclub scene, but decided to develop a new concept by promoting the day party.”

The mood at mid day was upbeat, the look was light, fresh and chic and the red carpet was always a buzz. Partygoers toasted Nectar Rose’ with Raheem Devaughn who gave a stellar performance while Kenny Burns played host for the afternoon. Other celebrity guests included Usher’s former wife Tamika Raymond, rapper Fabulous, Seattle Seahawks Deion Grant, Why Did I Get Married Too star Denise Boutte, Sheree Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta and more.

See images from the Moet & Chandon's Seal It With Rose event.

Raheem DeVaughn and Kenny Burns

Denise Boutte (Why Did I Get Married) and Demetria McKenny (House of Payne)

Deion Grant (NFL, Seattle Seahawks)

Photography by Allwyn Forrestor

Vanity Fair's "New Hollywood" issue completely lacks diversity

by Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

One thing magazines love to do is call dibs on who will be the new "It" celebrities in the year to come. Sometimes they pick stars whose careers are destined to take off, occasionally they make incredible calls with near-nobodies who later become A-listers, and usually the majority of their picks fade into oblivion. While we'd like to think celeb bible Vanity Fair puts a great deal of thought and planning into its annual "New Hollywood" issue, this year the editors really limited their scope when it came to choosing the next big stars. (Or perhaps they overemphasized the "Fair"? ) Every woman on its new cover is extremely thin and very, very white. Unless Vanity Fair considers one redhead to be diversity, we feel the need to cry foul.

The cover of the March issue features Abbie Cornish, Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, Mia Wasikowska, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, and Anna Kendrick. Many, if not all of these women have good reason to grace the Vanity Fair cover, and to be a part of what they have dubbed "the fresh faces of 2010." Evan Rachel Wood has garnered critical acclaim since her Golden Globe-nominated performance in 2003's "Thirteen" as well as loads of media attention from her highly publicized romance with rocker Marilyn Manson. Kristen Stewart was catapulted to fame by the mega-successful "Twilight" franchise and will star as Joan Jett in the upcoming film, "The Runaways," while Amanda Seyfried's career was put in motion after her role in 2008's "Mamma Mia!" But WAIT: Vanity Fair already had both Stewart and Seyfried on an August 2008 cover touting "Hollywood's New Wave." And this was also a white-girl-only cover. Were there no promising young actors of color who could have been featured in either issue?

Though it's true, Young Hollywood is predominantly Caucasian, we can think of a slew of non-white, non-rail thin actors who made a splash this year (Gabourey Sidibe from "Precious" anyone?). In the accompanying article, Vanity Fair writer Evgenia Peretz calls out the young cover stars by their best attributes: "downy-soft cheeks," "button nose," "patrician looks and celebrated pedigree," "dewy, wide-eyed loveliness," "Ivory-soap-girl features."

Roles for black, Asian, and Latin actors are scarce in Hollywood, but surely Sidibe, Zoe Saldana of "Avatar" and "Star Trek," and Freida Pinto of "Slumdog Millionaire" are having their moment. Vanity Fair may have been looking for the most promising batch of talent for their issue, but they should have been looking for a diverse group of women as well.
We reached out to Vanity Fair for comment, but as of publishing time they did not respond.

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Here are black women in Hollywood and what they think of the disparaging difference.