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Yung Joc: Grind Flu Free Album Download

Grind Flu Tracklisting

1. Grind Flu (w/ Montana Da Mack) [Prod. by Darryl “Cheeze” McCorkell]
2. Might As Well [Prod. by K.Rock]
3. Universal Language (w/ Shawty Lo & Young Vett) [Prod. by Unknown & Malcolm Tariq Smith]
4. Drinks Up (w/ Bobby Valentino, Gucci Mane & Nitti) [Prod. by Chadron “Nitti” Moore]
5. Don’t Be Scared (w/ Ebony Love, Ricky G & Donte’) [Prod. by James “Nesia” Lightfoot]
6. 500 Horses (w/ Yung Ralph & Big A) [Prod. by Young Sears]
7. My Niggas [Prod. by James “Nesia” Lightfoot]
8. Posted At the Store (w/ Gucci Mane & Yung Ralph) [Prod. by Trackslayerz Vakseen, LLC]
9. Wham (w/ Slim) [Prod. by Nitti & Blaze Burna]
10. Grind Flu Skit (w/ Roc)
11. Over (w/ Cupid, Polo, The Game & Carlito) [Prod. by Jay-T]
12. Birds (w/ Gucci Mane, Nikki Minaj & OJ Da Juiceman) [Prod. by Drumma Boy]
13. Make A Movie (w/ DJ Khaled) [Prod. by Drumma Boy]
14. So (w/ Mia X) [Prod. by James “Nesia” Lightfoot”]
15. Counterfeit (w/ Tuck) [Prod. by K-Rock]
16. Check (w/ Montana Da Mac & SS) [Prod. by James “Nesia” Lightfoot]
17. Choose Me (w/ Chris Brown & Pleasure P) [Prod. by Infinity]
18. Winner (w/ Masspike Miles)
19. Hello Kitty (w/ Jah Jah) (Bonus Track)

Download link here

I’m Not An NFL Player, But I Play One On TV

Atlanta played host to an overzealous crowd of Xbox gamers eager to get a first look at the new Madden NFL 10. Garner Circle PR and Konsole Kingz partnered with Xbox Live and EA Sports to create the Gaming Suite titled Madden NFL 10: The MVP Experience.

The celebrity filled suite was littered with big screens and Xbox controls for gamers to relax and try out the new school of NFL players. Underdogs played champs and then there were barn burners, but the sentiments remained the same, “Their not NFL players, but they play one on TV.”

The energy in the room was elevated the moment Jermaine Dupri walked in and made a beeline for the Xbox controls. His excitement for the sport didn’t diminish his confidence for the game and he drew a crowd wanting to challenge him, “I’m a pro at all the games that come out.”

Nathan Stewart, Marketing Director of EA Sports was pleased with the outcome and shined to be able to join the music mogul and avid gamer at the couch to highlight the new game.

“We have two new features that are really fun. The first is a new tackling animation system that makes seeing a football game on Sunday come to life. You can have pile ups, push the pile, fight to the fumble and everything you see on Sunday the technology allows you to do it. The second feature is online franchise, where me and 31 of my friends can go online to Xbox Live and play a real NFL season and have a real NFL draft pick and talk to one another. Even at work you can go online and manage your roster and scout your next weeks’ team.”

The athlete musician love hate relationship has always been a close one, so when it was time to create the soundtrack for the Madden NFL 10 they pulled out the classics. “We went hard with old school hip hop and hard rock. We’ve got Beastie Boys, Tupac, Nas, JudasPriest, Cypress Hill and more. You can also bring in your own music if you have stuff on the Xbox already.”

The celebrity filled event didn’t allow its guest to walk away empty-handed. Special invited guests were able to take home a free copy of the game.

Who's Your Daddy, Diddy & Jeremih?

Wendy Has Her Own Experience

Wendy Williams learned that she won a spot in The National Radio Hall of Fame. In tears, she spoke her sentiments live on air. “The idea of making it in…I feel like destiny fulfilled.”

Wendy has been a radio talk show host for more than 20 years. She began her career on WOL/Washington DC and she’s also the former host of "The Wendy Williams Experience" on WBLS/New York, Williams recently left radio to focus on her television career and now hosts The Wendy Williams Show weeknights on BET.