Presdient Barack Obama on The View

President Barack Obama appeared on “The View” today. Believe it or not, the show has been increasingly focused on booking politicians.

So what was his reason for choosing to appear on a a couch with the most famous 'Chatty-Kathy's? “I was trying to find a show that [First Lady] Michelle [Obama] actually watched,” the President said on the show.

During the program, the president talks about his administration’s accomplishments, his greatest obstacles, Lindsey Lohan, Snooki, and why he wasn’t invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Check out Speakeasy’s live-blog of President Obama on “The View” by clicking here.

On Saturday, August 21st the Take Wings Foundation will be honoring Ronny Turiaf at the 7th Annual Angel Awards Benefit hosted by actress Denise Boutte and actor Lamman Rucker. The event will take place at the San Francisco Marriott beginning at 6:00 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by R&B artist, Angie Stone. See below for more event details and to purchase tickets.

Terri J. Vaughn has successfully entertained us on television for more than ten years. First, she stole America’s heart with her lovable portrayal of Lovita Alizay Jenkins on “The Steve Harvey Show.” Vaughn confesses, “I loved playing a character that grew up in the ‘hood and who worked hard to be positive because it was very close to my own life.”

After that, Vaughn made her way to UPN’s “All of Us.” With her fun, energetic and wise portrayal of Jonelle Abrams, she once again brought life and laughter to the small screen. Now she brings Renee, a sexy, sassy and hilarious nurse, to life on Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. But, before Vaughn ever had her first audition, she was growing up in a housing project in Hunter’s Point in San Francisco.

Today, this woman is hell-bent on creating positive, inspirational experiences for other young women growing up in the projects. Out of her desire to give back to her community, in 1997, Vaughn started Take Wings Foundation. “We motivate, uplift and inspire young girls, 13 to18 years old, growing up in at risk communities and foster care, in the San Francisco Bay Area, to be positive, productive and successful. It’s truly amazing to watch them soar.”

This year, Take Wings Foundation (TWF) nvites you to participate and/or be a sponsor at the 7th Annual Angel Awards Benefit” to be held on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at the San Francisco Marriott, 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco, California.

The proceeds from this event will be used to primarily fund programs and scholarships for inner city young women who complete all phases of the TWF program, and who are going to college to further their education. Equally important is that once a TWF graduate is in college, she can apply for scholarships each year until she graduates from college. This year our goal is to raise $75,000. Together and with your support, we will accomplish these goals.

Coming Up Short...Big Boi Gotcha!

Catch up with Big Boi's certified banger Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty, in stores now! The long-awaited release of my solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot… the Son of Chico Dusty, is finally here.

“I’m extremely proud of how the album turned out, and I can’t wait for y’all to hear what I’ve been working on for so long.” Big Boi

And if you're still coming up short, Big Boi's got you covered with the album's prerequisite, Mixtape for Dummies.

Big Boi released Mixtape for Dummies: A Guide To Global Greatness. The rapper has a variety of classic songs compiled to help enjoy the 4th of July Weekend. Peep the song list:

1. Mixtape For Dummies (Intro)
2. Playa's Ball
3. Benz or Beamer
4. Dirty South
5. Royal Flush 6. ATLiens
7. Shutterbugg
8. Throw Ya Hands Up
9. Cruisin' In The ATL (Skit)
10. Hootie Hoo
11. Hood Figga
12. D-Boy (Skit)
13. So Hood
14. Kryptonite
15. B.O.B
16. Ghetto Music
17. The Way You Move
18. Henry Welch and Lil Rod (Skit)
19. Hold Up feat. Chris Brown
20. Record Store (Skit)
21. Love In Your Mouth
22. So Fresh, So Clean
23. 85
24. Elevators
25. And I Luv U
26. Tell C-Bone
27. She Got A Friend
28. Gangsta Shit


“I couldn’t have done this without any of you! For those who already pre-ordered the album, stank you very much for the love.” Big Boi

Coming Soon....One Music Fest

One Music Fest (OMF) held a press conference on Thursday, July 8th to announce Atlanta’s first-ever One Music Fest: Unity Through Music Concert Series. The diverse concert series is the brainchild of founders (from left to right) Christian Ruffin (One Stop Music Productions), Robert Shaw (King Plow Events) and Jason Carter (Sol Fusion) and will showcase over a dozen musical performances.

King Plow Events, One Stop Productions and Sol Fusion have formed an alliance in order to produce ONEMusicFest, an annual interactive outdoor live music experience. This event is expected to attract thousands of people and expand throughout the 4 acres of King Plow Arts Center.

Fully supported by Mayor Kasim Ried, Director of Cultural Affairs Camille Ruffin represented for the Mayors’ Office and presented the trio with the city’s esteemed Phoenix Award, the highest award issued by the mayor.

The press conference offered a diverse panel discussion from radio DJ’s to event promoters who all had valid supporting issues for seeing this project through to a successful end. In all, the One Music Fest: Unity Through Music Concert Series will host bankable acts like Common, De La Soul, The Mad Violinist, Mick Boogie and more. The DJ booth will be a jambalaya of talent from Applejuice, DJ Cha Cha, DJ Kemit, Captain CRUNK and more. What Unity Music Fest will not offer is a the same ‘ol song heard by your top 40 radio stations.

Speaking on the maturation of Atlantan’s and how they expect the city to receive the concert, co-founder Christian Ruffin said, “We all have to grow at some point…it’s the one universal language…you fallin love the music first and you go back to listen to the lyrics later.”

Promotion for the concert will be largely done via social media networking on and Twitter, but you can also check online with for the latest information and concert information.
Here’s more of what you should know:


ONEMusicfest, modestly speaking, is an intimate (5,000+ person) indoor/outdoor music festival that will showcase over a dozen performances. It will be a first for the city of Atlanta.

King Plow Events, One Stop Productions and Sol Fusion have formed an alliance in order to produce ONEMusicFest, an annual interactive outdoor live music experience. This event will attract over 5,000+ people and expand throughout the 4 acres of King Plow Arts Center.

Join us in welcoming ONEMusicfest, complete with 12 hours of music featuring national and local artists, Live Art, over 10 DJ’s, 6 hours of open bar (VIP tickets), food, an Art Expo and festival style fun! Get your tickets ASAP! They won’t last!

  • 2 Live Music Stages. Non-Stop Music!
  • 8 DJ Stations. Non-Stop Music!
  • Special Guest DJs
  • Multiple Local Bands
  • Mini-Putting Green Tournament
  • 40 foot PacMan Game
  • Food Stations
  • Gaming Stations (Old School Games, X Box & Wii)
  • Mixologist Classes - "The Art of a Cocktail"
  • Live Art Installation
  • Art / Photography Viewing
  • Art Stroll & Graffiti Expo
  • Massage Chairs
  • Henna Artists
  • Real Time Big Screen Twitter Boards
  • Atlanta's biggest Tweet Up Event ….and more