Fairytales Come True in an Enchanted Closet

What prom costs these days is like making a down payment on a car except you can drive the car all the time, but prom is only for a night. It’s the ultimate rite of passage for all high school girls and it’s their time display the princess within.

What’s disparaging is when a family can’t provide that experience. The men usually buy the tickets, pay for dinner and their rented tux and still don’t come close to what young ladies are spending on dresses. So in 2003 Bonita Johnson formed The Enchanted Closet to allow Cinderella to have her day and to outfit disadvantaged girls for their prom. Her philosophy was that no high school girl should miss this night because she could not afford the dress. With this principle, the metro Atlanta area came on board and an outpouring of support has allowed The Enchanted Closet to outfit thousands of girls since the organizations took root. Another person who took notice of this noble mission was Elle Duncan, V-jay at Atlanta’s top rated radio station V-103. Elle saw the need and decided to impart her influence to make more of an impact.

“There are so many incredible organizations and charities in Atlanta that really don’t get a lot of shine or spotlight because they don’t have sexy people attached. So I thought the Cause & Effect Series would highlight these organizations. Obviously it was such a perfect fit for me to start with Enchanted Closet because I’ve been working with them for four years. It’s one of those organizations that people seem to overlook the need for it…They don’t understand…what it’s like to have that rite of passage to dress up and feel beautiful and feel self confident and to have a man treat you like a lady and have an amazing dinner! You just feel like Cinderella. You feel like a princess! I just thought it wasn’t fair that prom night cost an average of five to six hundred dollars to go.”

The Cause & Effect series was hosted by Garner Circle PR and held at Midtown's Studio 1 Five 0. The night went off beautifully with people walking in some of the most elegant gowns. Quite a few dresses were brand new and still had the tags on them. To learn more about The Enchanted Closet, go to http://www.enchantedcloset.org and to learn about the next Cause & Effect series, tune in to Middays with Elle or go to http://www.whoiselle.com.

1. Elle and the Damzel

Chloe Bailey (actress/singer), Khalilah Neals (makeup artist) and Halle Bailey (actress/singer)

Halle Bailey, Nicole Garner, Elle Duncan, Chloe Bailey

Bonita Johnson, CEO of Enchanted Closet

Bonita Johnson and Elle Duncan

Mack's Miracles

A rooftop party on a warm Georgia night was all it took to bring out supporters for a good cause. NFL Pro Bowl offensive lineman Marcus ‘Mack’ McNeil of the San Diego Chargers along with his foundation Mack Miracles was the reason many came out to show support for a hometown celebrity and advocate for the livelihood of today’s youth.

Along with a heartfelt thanks for coming out, Marcus McNeill, delivered a speech on the foundations vision of improving the lives of children through education and encouraging healthy lifestyles. When we got a few minutes of his time, we learned along with many of his family members, even as a child he too was always on the thick and heavy side.

“As a kid, I was always thick and that’s why I’m try to change my body as well. I’m hands on with this foundation. The people in my family have been big my whole life and everybody in the family’s joining in too…We don’t to just preach about; we gonna be about it.”

Sky Grey Luxury Lounge was a hit with presentations by Grey Goose premium vodka who offered an evening of indulgence along with decadent fare courtesy of Justin’s restaurant. A myriad of guests came out to show support. Those guests included TV Chef Marvin Woods, teammate Brandon Siler, Barbadian actress Mari Morrow and Rashidah Ali (owner of the newly debuted B Chic Shoetique in Atlanta and Bourgeoisie Shoetique (NYC) and the new Vh1 show, Basketball Wives).

For more about Marcus McNeil and Macks Miracles, click here.

Chauncey Davis: Fit for L.I.F.E.

Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Chauncey Davis, joined by nearly 300 guests, honored five distinguished leaders for their work in serving the greater Atlanta community during a special fundraiser on April 14, at Mercedes Benz of Buckhead. As he does every year, Davis highlighted influential Atlantan’s who have been instrumental in the lives of others at the Chauncey Davis 2010 Champions for A Cause fundraising event. This years’ honorees were Baranco Automotive Group founders Greg & Juanita Baranco, Vice President and General Manager of McDonald's USA Harry Coaxum, President/CEO of The Georgia Lottery Corporation Margaret DeFrancisco and Grammy-award winning artist and founder of Big Kidz Foundation Antwan "Big Boi" Patton.

After seeing his mother suffer and eventually losing a leg due to complications with Diabetes, Chauncey decided to act. On the field you can expect him to bring the pain to anyone thinking they’d move the rock pass him, but off the field, the man was helpless watching his mother fight for her life. "Each year, the Chauncey Davis Foundation works to impact the lives through grassroots programs and interactive projects. After my mother lost her leg due to complications associated with diabetes, I wanted to make a difference that would not only educate young people but also save and change lives," said Davis, who started the foundation in 2007.
The Las Vegas casino inspired affair was hosted by Hot 107.9 radio personality and hometown darling, Rashan Ali. The evening also drew a host of other celebrities making their contribution and supporting the cause: Atlanta Falcons John Abraham, Atlanta Falcons Jonathan Babineaux, Atlanta Falcons Jamaal Anderson, Atlanta Falcons Kroy Bierman, DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May, former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones, Meet the Browns’ actress Terri Vaughn, former Atlanta Falcons Ed Hartwell, Real Housewives of Atlanta's Lisa Wu Hartwell, former Atlanta Falcons Bob Whitfield, Donald Trump Apprentice's Marshawn Evans, Tyler Perry Studios' Roger Bob, Meet The Browns' Logan Browning, rapper Young Joc (he served as a celebrity dealer at the Blackjack table), 95.5 The Beat's Murph Dawg, first-round draft prospect Dakoda Watson and more.

Chauncey Davis founded the Chauncey Davis Foundation to increase awareness and educated youth about health and wellness, specifically diabetes. Proceeds from the fundraiser went to support various Chauncey Davis Foundation programs. To learn more about the Chauncey Davis Foundation go to www.chaunceydavisfoundation.org/.

COMING SOON...Queen Latifah...Common...Just Wright

It's Common like you've never seen before...

Grammy-winning rapper, actor and all-around renaissance man COMMON will make his leading man debut next month in the romantic comedy Just Wright. Directed by Sanaa Hamri,Just Wright stars Queen Latifah as Leslie Scott, a physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight (Common). All is going well until Leslie finds herself falling for Scott, forcing her to choose between the gig and the tug-of-war inside her heart. Oblivious to her romantic overtures, McKnight is instead drawn to the affections of Leslie's childhood friend Morgan (Paula Patton), who has her sights set on being an NBA trophy wife. Is Leslie destined to play the role of "best friend" forever or will Scott finally see that what he always wanted is right in front of him?

Just Wright opens in theaters nationwide on May 14!

Here's a bonus, get the mixtape for free right here: Common Presents: 'Just Wright' Mixtape Vol 1

The ArchAndroid

Of the listening parties I’ve been to, it’s mostly been food, drinks and the artist sitting at the head of a table introducing song after song. But what we got at the introduction of ‘The ArchAndroid’ was a pint-sized Janelle Monae dancing to sound of her own rhythm.

To say the least, it was very entertaining and refreshing. This tux wearing ‘Droid’ hopped around the room like a puppet on a string engaging all who dared share the floor. After all was said and done, the crowd gave their stamp of approval for the performance and the music.

Oh, the music…lets go back.
Set to drop on May 18th, ‘The ArchAndroid’ takes the listener on a tour or an, “…emotion-picture of the mind.” says Janelle. The album is one of self realization and shows off the vocal vulnerably of such an unassuming artist. Even Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs who could not be there Skyped his heartfelt acknowledgement, “She’s a very dramatic artists.”

While listening to the album samples, you remember the 70’s disco era, you feel the hard rock influence, you vibe to the blues-filled melodies and you swoon in the ballads. But the vibe of the crowd spoke wildly at ‘Tight Rope’, the collabo with Big Boi that sent kids and even the elders in room to the dance floor.
We caught up with Janelle for a few questions after the mayhem.

Q: What made you sign with Bad Boy? It seems like a marriage of complete opposites.
JM: I have my own label. ..Sean was very smart to help with our project…it made sense.

Q: Are you ready to embrace being a fashion icon?
JM: Its so funny, I’ve been in Vogue three times and I’m wearing the same thing.

Q: On an off day, what does Janelle Monae wear?
JM: I keep it consistent with black and white.

Q: The song Tight Rope has gotten a lot of attention. What is the message behind this song?
JM: ‘Tight Rope’ speaks about balance. You can’t get too high; can’t get too low.

The ArdchAndroid has Ten Droid Commandments. Of the ten, the most wild of them all is number ten:
X. ..Please be aware that children conceived during the show or within 48 hours thereafter may be born with wings. The Wonderland Arts Society will not be held liable for this phenomenon or be held responsible for parenting or providing for your flying children.